Wine Tasting Gift Set | Mini Wine Glasses

Wine Tasting Gift Set - Set of 4 Mini Wine Glasses

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The four mini wine glasses that make up the Wine Tasting Gift Set are smaller than the average glass making them the cutest thing ever for at home tastings and other occasions such as...

  1. When you want to taste four different wines and compare them all.
  2. When you get a bunch of people together to try different wines, but you want to be able to remember the last bottle of the night.
  3. When your friend says "I shouldn't drink tonight," but you know they won't be able to resist sippin' out of a wine glass this cute.
  4. When you want to be able to say you had four glasses of wine but not be drunk off your ass.
  5. When you want your cat to have his or her own special wine glass to go with that special cat wine you bought.
  6. When you want to give someone an awesome gift that's fun and useful.
  7. For a new mom who needs help easing back into drinking.

I'm excited to hear all the other scenarios you come up with once you get your hands on the Sipping This Wine Tasting Gift set of mini wine glasses!

  • 6.25 oz.
  • 2.5" Diameter x 3.25" Height (the cutest little mini wine glasses!)
  • Strong, durable glass
  • SippingTHIS is satin etched on
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Set is gift packaged