Meet Meaghan: A Trill Wine Wife Keeping it Real Day by Day, Bottle by Bottle

Every month, we feature a member of our SippingTHIS community (aka Sipper) who is doing awesome things in wine and for the world. 

Meagan is long-time sipper who I adore! She brightens my day with her insanely stylish pics and has become a friend that I can't wait to meet in person one day.

Meaghan is a super approachable wine fanatic who brings wine people together and encourages them to be as open and honest about their wine journey as she is with hers. We're so excited to feature her this October.

Read on to learn more about Meaghan.
Laura (SippingTHIS Founder): How did you get into wine?

Meaghan: My love for wine came when I was 24 years old. I was invited to a wine festival with close friends, and it was the first time that I had ever attended. I had no clue about wine, the brands, the varietals, the origins, absolutely nothing. I just knew alcohol is good, and if I sip it fast, I would get fairly drunk! (lol) This event was different, I sipped different wines from different places and it was wonderful. The wines had good flavor, it had history, it was pleasurable, it triggered aromas through the nose that I wanted to learn how to identify. That day, I was sold – wine was my new Jam.


Laura: What impact do you want to make in the wine world?

Meaghan: In the world of wine, you see a lot of the same. I would like to bring more diversity by adding more women, African-American men, wives and moms to the wine world. I want to bring people together and create a space where they can be open and honest. I want others to be able learn about wine, converse about wine, drink a lot of wine, and know what to look for when buying wine.


Laura: How do you juggle #momlife with #wineliife, especially during quarantine?

Meaghan: Ha! I take it day by day, bottle by bottle. The quarantine did bring our little family closer than we were. I thought that was impossible. It helped us to appreciate the little things, cherish our health, and become creative. It took a lot of time to focus on the positivity in our lives while continuing to stock up on a lot of wine because being without wine during the pandemic is plain nuts. Yes, of course it was not peaches and cream but we made it with the kids and all….cheers to that!


Laura: What is your favorite type of wine and why?

Meaghan: My favorite type of wine is pinot noir; it took me awhile to realize that. I like a lot of different varietals but that one is my go to. When you pour a glass of pinot, the color is beautiful. The aromas soothe you as it flirts with the palate. The first sip is soothing, calming, and delicious. After that first sip, you close your eyes and take a deep sigh after tasting it and realize, damn that’s good.


Laura: Tell us about your IG account @trillwinewife

Meaghan: My Instagram account started off as Odum journey. Odum is our families last name, and I wanted to tell the journey of our life through pictures. It started as a family page, with me wanting to be super honest about parenting, being domestic, basketball wife life, traveling, and wine. I wanted to connect with others that may be in the same position as I was.

The page was great, and I generated a great following but I knew I wanted to lean more towards wine. Wine is what brings us together and connects us. I started tying my wine post to pairings that would let you envision what was happening while I was drinking. For example, I paired Rose’ with 5th grade homework from my daughter, a screaming toddler, the show “Weeds” and my husband’s snoring. These pairings became memorable and a way for people to relate to their daily life. I ended up changing my name to Trillwinewife: Trill meaning genuine and authentic; Wine because I love wine and wine loves me back; Wife because my husband does not want men sliding in my DM’s trying to shoot their shot, haha. I am all of those things, the true definition of who I am. I am straight to the point, blunt, real, honest, genuine and loving. I am a real person going through real life and what better way to do so with wine and good company.


Laura: You’re always posting fun new wines on your IG. What advice do you have for someone who wants to try new wines but isn’t sure where to start?

Meaghan: When picking wine, don’t break your pockets. Pick a label that attracts you. Pick a wine you have never tried. Drink for the season and always add a bottle of bubbly with your purchase.


Laura: How did you find out about SippingTHIS? 

Meaghan: I have been a loyal fan since Laura started this company. I started following SippingTHIS on my personal page and found myself checking the page several times a week. I have most of the shirts on the site along with coasters. I wear my shirts to events and promote SippingTHIS all the time. I will continue to support and be loyal to this brand throughout my journey of wine.


Laura: What is your favorite SippingTHIS saying?

Meaghan: My goodness there are so many but to name a few BIG faves…“Cork Tease”, “Malbec that ass up” “Life can be a bitch but wine makes this bitch happy”, “You can’t make everyone happy you aren’t wine.”


Laura: Your wine style is fire! What tips do you have for someone who wants to dress up their SippingTHIS tee? 

Meaghan: These t-shirts can go with anything and everything, I do just that. I wear my shirts with skirts, jeans, leggings, and shorts. It can be dressed up or dressed down and always perfect for a night or day of sipping



Laura: Anything else you’d like to share?

Meaghan: In the world of wine, you don’t have to know everything. You do not have to be rich and you do not have to be in the wine business. You just have to be open to drinking wine, trying new wines and feeding your soul with knowledge. Whether it is learning the origin of wine, how it was made or learning how to take the cork out of a wine bottle. Wine is meant to be adored by yourself or with others. Pour a glass, sit back, relax and enjoy.


  • Jasmine

    Love this highlight! It’s so relatable and refreshing to see a mom that seems like someone I’d be friends with.

  • Michelle

    This was a good read. I love following her too. She is going to help bridge the gap between Wineaux’s and Wine Professionals.

  • G

    Wow! This girl is great! She’s the kind of girl you want as your BFF. And today I’m pairing her story with the delicious white wine, Casal do Ramilo. And I will definitely have to up my t-shirt game!

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