Care Instructions


All products are machine washable. Wash inside out and we encourage to hang dry or flat dry your garments to extend life of your garment.

Please avoid using very hot water temperatures as this can reduce life of your garment. Refrain from ironing artwork to maintain original look.

If your garment gets wrinkled or warped from heat exposure, you can try ironing the garment inside out or use an ironing protective sheet over the design. Never iron directly over the design.


Party Coasters

The party coasters are made with recycled pulp board. They are reusable until they aren't, meaning they will eventually wear over time.

If you'd like to extend their use, we recommend you avoid setting sweaty water or drink glasses on these coasters (stick to wine glasses or tea/coffee cups).

Please recycle coasters once if they become stained or are no longer usable.


Leather Coasters

The leather coasters are made with grade A leather. They are made to last forever.

If you spill on them or they get sticky, you can wipe them clean with a damp paper towel. Please avoid using any household cleaning products on them.