What are the best Thanksgiving wine pairings?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It's not just about excess food, but you gotta enjoy the excess wine too! When it comes to picking Thanksgiving wines, pairings go beyond the main course.
Pre-Party at the Pre-Dinner 
My go-to pre-dinner Thanksgiving wine is Rosé. Most people write off rosé as a summer wine, but it’s also perfect for Thanksgiving. My favorite rosé for fall is Gracci Etna Rosato because it’s sophisticated and it has a beautiful fall peach color (vs. the brighter pinks you see in Provence rosés). It’s delicate, balanced and versatile. It pairs beautifully with salads, soups, dips, cheeses and all those pre-thanksgiving fixings. And it's a nice sipping wine to ease you into all the food and wine to come.
Lead Horse for the Main Course 
You ask any Somm, and they’ll say Beaujolais is a great pairing for a Turkey feast, and I agree! Of course, you can venture out to other less expected wines, but for many new wine drinkers, Beaujolais is venturing out. The high acidity cuts through the the food and cleanses your palate as you switch between turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more! It’s light and easy and well-liked by many people so you really can’t go wrong with Beaujolais.  
Don't Desert Dessert
Sauternes (sweet wine) pairs great with fruit pies (apple, strawberry, etc), nut pies (like pecan pie), creamy pies (looking at you, pumpkin), cheeses, and more. Whether you pair sweet and sweet or sweet and savory, it’s the best way to finish off a big meal.

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